White Mountain Candle Co. was founded in January 2021 by Laura Metcalfe. Laura’s geology background led to a lifelong passion and curiosity for the Rocky Mountains and when combined with a wish to create a luxury collection of clean burning, sustainable and renewable candles to light and fill our homes with beautiful fragrance, White Mountain Candle Co. was born.

Our candles are now locally made in Canmore, Alberta and hand poured in small batches using 100% natural coconut soy wax. They are scented with phthalate-free premium fragrance oils and pure essential oils. Along with the wooden wicks, this ensures a slow and clean burning candle.

White Mountain Candles 100% natural wax is a vegan, soy and coconut soy blend and contains no palm or paraffin. Our wooden wicks are made in the United States from Forest Steward Council (FSC) certified mills. They are non toxic, eco friendly and clean burning and emit a soft crackle when lit. Our sophisticated blends are created using only the finest phthalate-free fragrance oils and pure essential oils sourced from around the globe. Many candles on the market are paraffin or a paraffin blend wax that are petroleum based and emit toxic chemicals. Soy and coconut soy are plant-based wax and much cleaner burning. Coconut soy and soy wax burns slower than paraffin wax candles giving you 50+ hours of burn time for our 10 oz candles and 30+ hours of burn time for our 6 oz candles.

White Mountain Candle Co. is a division of Branches Marketplace & Gifts Ltd.